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Active concrete powder


A valuable secondary raw material in the form of concrete dust results from the processing of fine components in reclaimed concrete. Concrete dust occurs when concrete is crushed and recycled primarily in recycling centres and on construction sites where it is subsequently accumulated as waste. These are very fine particles collected in dust prevention filters of recycling lines during reclaimed concrete crushing. Basically, this is cement and coated aggregate with grain size varying from 0.0005 – 0.1 mm. However, the angularity, variable grain sizes, and considerable specific area of the dust present complications for further processing of the reclaimed material. The problems include, in particular, determining the quantity of mixed water to comply with the required consistency of the mix prepared.

The unique method of processing concrete dust by activation lends the material excellent mechanical and chemical properties demonstrated as uniform fineness, increased specific area, and perfect homogeneity of the mix. Standard technological methods do not allow this kind of processing. The correct quantity of mixed water can be determined easily for such new concrete dust mixes.

The application of active concrete dust in cement mix and construction block production helps reduce the costs of production while maintaining high quality and conserving the environment.


00 mm


00 mm


00 mm


  • Binder in cement bond mixes

  • Binder and filler in walling systems

Iron Powder
Cement Paving
Stones with cement


  • Construction industry

  • Cement-based mixes (adhesives, mortars, plasters)

  • Breezeblocks and walling blocks

The values measured after pulverization (original material particle size > 3,0mm)

For volumetric weight of the dusts xx kg/m3

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