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Active Rubber Powder 


A valuable secondary raw material in the form of finely pulverized activated rubber is yielded by rubber granulate processing on a mechanical-chemical basis.


Granulate is sourced from used and recycled tires from both cars and trucks. The active powder consists of natural and synthetic rubber particles.


The unique method of rubber powder preparation by activation lends the raw material excellent mechanical and chemical properties represented by excellent fineness, increased specific area, and perfect mix homogeneity.

The application of active rubber powder (ARP) in the preparation of plastic, rubber, and paper industry helps to reduce production costs while maintaining high material quality and protecting the environment.


  • Filler in plastic production, rubber, and paper industries

  • Active binder in modified asphalt mixes

DSC_1526 (kopie).png

1-3 mm


0,8 mm


0,25 mm

Recycled Plastic
Cardboard Sheets
Road Constuction


  • Products based on thermoplastic (elastomer surfaces)

  • Tiles, boards, mats

  • Insulation bands

  • Damper layers and elements

  • Rubber modified bituminous binders

  • Dampening construction components (track sides, foundation slabs)

  • Filler in rubber mixes (replacing up to 80 % of the primary rubber)

  • Additive in modified asphalt mixes

  • Filler in paints (corrosion protection, protection from wear and tear and chemicals)

  • Production of regenerated mixes

The values measured after pulverization (original material particle size > 3,0mm)

For volumetric weight of the dusts xx kg/m3

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