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Active Stone Powder 

A valuable secondary raw material in the form of finely ground active stone powder, generated by the processing of stone sludge and dust using the principles of mechano-chemistry.


Stone sludge and dust are generated during the grinding and cutting of stone in quarries or stone and marble factories, where they are then considered one of the main challenges of stone waste management.


It is a very fine material with grain sizes ranging from 0.0005 to 0.1 mm.


The unique way of overcoming the negative characteristics of stone sludge and dust is activating it, thus achieving material with excellent mechanical and chemical properties consisting of uniform fineness, increase specific surface, and perfect homogenization of the mixture.


  • Filler in cement-based mixes

  • Natural mineral fertilizers in agriculture

Bricks and Mortar
Stack of Cinder Blocks
New Growth

0-8 mm


1-2 mm




  • Filler for cement-based mixes (adhesives, mortars, plasters)

  • Filler into breeze blocks, walling blocks

  • Mineral Fertilizers

  • Paper industry, plastic, and rubber industry (coatings, etc.)

The values measured after pulverization (original material particle size > 3,0mm)

For volumetric weight of the dusts xx kg/m3

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