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Size reduction technologies

In relation to our research activities primarily in the field of mechanical-chemical inorganic and organic substances, we are developing special-designed high-speed multilevel mills.

The mills form a part of the special recycling lines for processing rubber granulate or concrete and stone dust that we supply.


High-speed multilevel mill 

  • LAV150/2R 

  • LAV300

  • LAV400

  • LAV550

  • LAV650

  • LAV800

  • LAV1000

Hummer mill 

  • LAV-HM400

  • LAV-HM600

  • LAV-HM800

Vibrating screens

  • LAV-VB3000

  • LAV-VB2000


Water-based filter 

  • LAV-WB3000

  • LAV-WB6000

  • LAV-WB10000

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