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Rubber granulate recycling lines

Similarly to the other LAVRIS production lines, the special recycling lines for processing rubber granulate to active rubber powder are based on the mechanics-chemical principle.

The main component of each line is a high-speed mill equipped with long-life patented cutting elements of extreme sharpness. The additional advantage is the easy set-up of different levels of fineness. The simple and efficient construction of the line allows it to operate with significantly lower power demand when compared to the cryogenic (low-temperature) method of grinding old rubber. Our device works under atmospheric pressure and standard working temperature.

The recycling lines listed below are available in both stationary and mobile design. While stationary lines are suitable for sheds and interior operations in a permanent site, the mobile options would allow easy long-distance transportation and prompt deployment. 

Rubber granulate

DSC_1526 (kopie).png

1-3 mm


0,8 mm


0,25 mm


Model lines - Stationary Lines
Variants of recycling lines and their basic parameters


Model lines - Mobile Lines
Variants of recycling lines and their basic parameters

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