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World-class size reduction technologies


Recycling lines & machines

Development and manufacturing of production lines equipped by the high-speed mills (conversion of waste materials to valuable secondary raw materials).


Quality and application solutions to our customer's satisfaction are our top priorities. We don't only produce mills and milling equipment but also repair, optimize and test materials for our customers


Innovative solutions to use secondary raw materials in several industries. Rubber and Plastics, Construction and Demolition (C&D) and Agriculture.


Independent consultation



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LAVARIS s.r.o. is a technological company with a presence in both the Czech and the global markets.

Our main competencies are:

  • Research on the usage of secondary raw materials in the form of activated rubber, stone, and concrete powder.

  • Development and manufacturing of production lines equipped with the best high-speed mills.

  • Secondary materials&waste management consulting

We help to save the environment and reduce the raw material cost of production. (conversion of waste materials to valuable secondary raw materials)


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Mineral Waste Project

The project FW10010543 "Innovative recycling of mineral waste for sustainable development" is co-financed with state support from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the TREND Programme. Its partners are Lavaris s.r.o., the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, and KyberTec. The aim of the project is to develop technology that enables efficient and environmentally friendly recycling of mineral waste. The main objective is to reduce the amount of waste disposed of in landfills while obtaining valuable recycled materials that can be reused in construction and industrial processes. The project focuses on recycling various mineral wastes such as slag, cinders, and fly ash, transforming them into useful materials for various industrial and construction applications. A key aspect of the project is also to optimize the energy intensity of the recycling process to maximize efficiency and minimize negative environmental impacts.

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Project PlastIT

The project FW09020011 "Development of large-format 3D printing from recycled plastics and its commercial application in innovative eco-design" is co-financed with state support from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the TREND Programme, specifically Subprogramme 2 "Newcomers". The project focuses on developing technology for robotic large-format 3D printing using industrial and municipal waste plastic. It aims to support the transition to a sustainable economy by addressing plastic waste management. The project will result in a patented smart technology for large-format 3D printing from waste plastic, as well as the production of final products such as interior accessories, furniture, and outdoor urban furnishings for public spaces. Project partners include Plastenco design s.r.o., Lavaris s.r.o., and the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

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Head Office

Areál Šroubáren 43

Libčice nad Vltavou

Czech Republic, 252 66

Tel: + 420 734 229 357

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