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Recycling lines and High-Speed Multilevel Mills

In relation to our research activities primarily in the field of mechanical-chemical inorganic and organic substances, we are developing a special-designed high-speed multilevel mill.

The mills form a part of the special recycling lines for processing rubber granulate or concrete and stone dust that we supply.

Návrh bez názvu-6.png

Construction & Demolitions recycling lines

  • High productivity

  • Processing even extremely fine material

  • Stationary and mobile alternative

  • Processing of fine-grained particles of crushed concrete to active concrete powder

Stone waste recycling lines

  • Easy maintenance

  • Waste material processing

  • Stationary or mobile options

  • Processing of sludge and dust to active powder applicable in various industry sectors

stonesludgeline_white background.jpg

Rubber granulate recycling lines

  • Processing Crumb rubber to rubber powder

  • Unique quality

  • Low operation costs

  • Easy maintenance

  • Stationary and mobile alternatives

rubber line_white background.jpg
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