We pride ourselves not only in the quality of Lavaris products but also in the professionalism of our service.

„Quality not only in production“

Quality, speed and your satisfaction are our everyday challenges. We keep developing new technologies and materials that help to build our values and to protect our environment.

R&D center: a team of staff facing new technology challenges

Consultancy: Sharing the experience collected over years of work

Design work: High efficiency and professional design of our products


We will be pleased to share our abundant experience in special machine manufacturing or new material research and development.

Recycling as a Service

If you are considering reusing waste but cannot or do not want to invest in a recycling line, RaaS is the right way to go.

Collect your material, send it to us or call us for collection.


We will deliver the finest powdered activated material within a few days.


Technical design

Creative and effective mechanical engineering solutions.

Secondary Materials Consulting

Holding dozens of patents and with over a decade of experience in the circular and zero-waste economy, we are ready to assist you on your journey towards sustainability